Bringing a rainbow of stories to life through books, games, and animation.

BiFrost Bridge Studios is a publishing house based in Palmer, Alaska. We bring narration to life through animation and traditional storytelling, empowering young voices by infusing neurodiversity, community outreach, and the beauty of nature into everything we do. The roots of the BiFrost name incorporate founder Kurtis Bunker’s Norwegian heritage and spirit. Where the rainbow of the bridge represents inclusivity and diversity, the bridge itself can be extended to improve relations, promote collaboration, and fuel creativity.

About The Author

Kurt Bunker is a newly published author, technology evangelist, ocean conversationalist and the father of three children with sensory processing disorders. Today his goal is to inspire the next generation and encourage the acceptance of all young people. He and his wife Jenny live in Palmer, Alaska with their sons Luke, Bishop, and Connor and their hounds.