The Bunker Adventure

The greatest gift we are born with is the power of imagination. It can take you absolutely anywhere, as Luke, Bishop, and Connor experience firsthand…Being from a neuro-diverse family, the three boys struggle with different sensory and autism spectrum disorders. The flip side of this is that they have a unique lens through which they view the world. Today readers are invited to join the three brothers as they embark on their imaginative journey around the Americas, visiting different forms of ocean life and learning not only about aquatic creatures and nature, but also—and more importantly—about themselves. Based on a true story.

Gaia’s Seed

Gaia’s Seed is a Japanese role-playing game and a graphic novel all in one. The story features Earth in a time of hope—where AGINES, a form of artificial intelligence, has been ruling the planet. At the center of the story is Selene, daughter of Gaia, who works tirelessly to fight the existential threats she faces. Surrounded by mentors, can Selene help fight the resistance AGINES created? Previously, humanity emerged through technology to create a new race. Now it’s up to the younger generation to make those hard decisions—to find empowerment by accepting the androids in our lives. Gaia’s Seed will lead the way.

The Dream Cabin

The Chipmunk children decide to build their very own cabin – but they’ll need some help from their friends the Beaverovs, the Squirrelyans, the Badgerishvilis, and more! As the chipmunks visit their friends all over the neighborhood, they learn that everyone is busy with their own challenges. So, the chipmunks decide to share what they have. But will they make it back home and get the help they need?